love and support and celebrate fat girls who don’t have a booty or like in general fat girls with the fat in places that never get celebrated p l e a s e for the love of everything that is good in this world

like let’s not pretend curvy is a synonym for fat curvy is literally just this one specific socially acceptable way to be fat and I am getting increasingly frustrated about it

If anyone wants to know what my face looks like when I’m reminded that this is my last first day of school, here ya go.

If anyone wants to know what my face looks like when I’m reminded that this is my last first day of school, here ya go.


girl scouts are letting in trans girls and letting girls replace God with whatever they want in the pledge, also they use cookie income to support abortion and LGBT agendas

boy scouts are just now allowing gay scouts in, officially in january, but gay leaders are still banned and they’re talking about segregation on camping trips, with gay scouts and straight scouts in different tents. also they still ban atheists,

girl scouts: 10000   boy scouts: 0

Okay this is great and girl scouts is great but just to clear something up girl scouts does not in any way use cookie money to “support any agenda” other than their own council and troops to support and give opportunities to their girls.

Also wouldn’t the world be a better place if we avoided bashing youth programs that overall actually have an astounding positive effect on its members? Yes Boy Scouts has said some fucked up things but they’re working on it and technically Boy Scouts is an religion based organization so the fact that they have come this far is amazing. You keep working on it Boy Scouts, I’m rooting for you.

Rant over

my best suggestion is to find friends that you can get drunk with way too early on a saturday night and play fall themed charades with


Hello! I'm going to be graduating high school with the class of 2015 & I want to apply to southern Oregon university, I've seen your posts & know that you are a student there & I was wondering if you could tell me about our over all experience there, like what the people are like, the classes & all the activities that are available. & also does it rain a lot?! :D thank you(:

Oh hello and congratulations! Straight and to the point, SOU is an awesome school for some people and not a great fit for others. I personally love it, it’s pretty small for a state school (about 5000 undergrad)  and people are over all very friendly. If you visit you’ll kind of discover that Ashland is its own little bubble and basically everyone here is open and kind and free-spirited. We have pretty small class sizes, which means your professors are available and easy to connect with. We have like a million clubs and groups, intramural sports, music, basically anything you could ever want. As for rain, I mean it’s Oregon, but I would say it rains less here than in most places since we’re so far south. Anyway I hope this helped!